Configuration Step 1

Communication enclosure configuration step 1 of 5

Step 1 – Choose an Enclosure Design

MBE – Backless, expandable option to MDU enclosure design

MHD – “Box in a Box” hinged lid design

MSD – “Box in a Box” with solid back

MOD – “Box in a Box” with open back

MOL – Sliding interlocking lid design

MHL – Interlocking hinged door design

MCH – Continuous hinge design

MLB – Continuous hinge double door design

MCHBE – Dual Compartment De-Marc Box

MPW – Prewire enclosures

FIP EnclosureStock Boxes Example: MHDBE backless, expandable enclosure with sliding top rack and Riser Guard knockouts

    • MBE

      This innovative new backless and expandable security enclosure provides and unprecedented level of flexibility for the changing needs of communications network customers. The unique design of the Moore MBE allows you to upgrade or expand the size and security level of your existing enclosure without ever interrupting service to your customers. Simply start by securing your mounting plate to the wall of your building and add as much or as little as you choose. Upgrading size, upgrading security or replacing damaged enclosures has never been easier. The MBE feature can be applied to any of our existing MDU designs with the exception of FIP boxes and MLB enclosures.

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    • MHD

      “Box in a Box” hinged lid design heavy gauge smooth sliding hinges designed and formed by Moore put the MHD in a class by itself. This new hinge mechanism provides installer safety and smooth operation while enhancing the durability of the hinge. The enclosure can be mounted with the lid off. After installation of the MDU cable components, the hinges are engaged with hardened steel bolts and lock nuts.

      Custom sizes are available.
      Available as MHDBE (Backless Expandable) option as well

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    • MSD

      “Box in a Box”, no hinge all Moore’s double boxes are designed to give your system maximum protection against vandalism. These MDU enclosures feature a 14 or 16 gauge lid with continuous stainless steel welds. Tight lid tolerances, coupled with high security locks housed in a heavy duty shroud, provide a tamper resistant apartment lock box which deters theft and destruction. The interior box offers a solid back with access slots and tie lances to improve organization. Two locks are suggested for boxes 18” or wider and 24” or higher.

      Available as MSDBE (Backless Expandable) option as well

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    • MOD

      “Box in a Box” with open back This Moore double box features an opened fully flanged back for upgrading security in an existing MDU plant without rewiring. The open back allows the high security box to ft over an existing wire assembly. The full back mounting flanges assure the strength of the inside box.

      Custom sizes are available.

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    • MOL

      Sliding Interlocking Lid Design
      The interlocking lid slides down the box and catches at the bottom

      Available as MOLBE(Backless Expandable) option as well

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    • MHL

      Interlocking Hinged Door Design
      The interlocking hinged lid drops and swings open. When closed the lid slides under the top to provide weather protection

      Available as MHLBE(Backless Expandable) option as well

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    • MCH

      Continuous Hinge Design
      The continuous stainless steel piano style hinge built into the frame of the enclosure. This feature eliminates pry points and allows the door to open 180 degrees for fulll access. The top of the box shields the lid for additional protection. The continuous stainless steel piano style hinge easily supports the weight of a larger door.

      Available as MCHBE(Backless Expandable) option as well

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    • MLB

      Continuous Hinge Double Door Design
      The Moore Large Box is designed for larger MDU applications. With stainless steel continuous hinged double doors, the MLB is designed to accomodate NEMA requirments.
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    • MCH2CBE

      Dual Compartment De-Marc Box
      Two compartment box – desinged with secure compartment for you “Hard” and “Soft” plant and a common compartment for easy access of dormant drop cables.
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    • MPW

      Prewire Enclosure
      The Moore prewire box is a galvanized steel box designed to be fitted between standard wall studs. The flush mounted front panel with hinged door and latch is easily attached to the box after drywall. The standard width is 14”, standard depth is 4” and varying heights are available.
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    • FIP Enclosures

      Stock Boxes
      Moore FIP security enclosures are stock boxes available for immediate shipment. There are no minimum orders for FIP boxes and all standard specifications apply to all enclosures. FIP enclosures are available in MOL and MHL styles. Fips are manufactured with three knockouts in the bottom of the box and one centered in the back of the box, a lock provision and plywood.

      Custom sizes are available.

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